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Baird Scanning Discs
John Logie Baird Patent
Baird Television Ltd, T14
Baird, Televisor
CBS-Columbia, 12CC2
The First Star of Television
Jenkins Instructions
Kuba, Komet
RCA, TRK-12 Phantom Teleceiver
Marconi, 702
Magnavox MV116J
Panasonic, TR-005
Philco, G4654 “Pedestal”
RCA, CT-100
Sony, Trinitron Colour Television

What’s On Now?

This exhibit, presented by Myseum Toronto and curated by Ed Conroy from Retrontario, celebrates the rise of Toronto as a Music City, telling the story of the networks, shows and watershed music moments that showcase how Toronto “got its groove”.


Television networks such as MuchMusic and CityTV not only defined the musical well-being of a Canadian generation of viewers, but also inspired Toronto talent to become industry artists, directors, writers, and producers themselves.

This exhibit is on display until the end of April at the MZTV Museum of Television in Toronto. Don’t miss it!