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MZTV Museum of Television

Mission Statement

The MZTV Museum and Archive seeks to protect, preserve and promote the Receiving Instruments of Television History. Whereas other North American Museums of Broadcasting feature Programs, ours is unique in its focus on the History of the Technology, as well as on the Sets Themselves. Together with related...

Moses Znaimer

Moses is best known for his outstanding achievements in television, his contributions to the Canadian music industry, and now, for his newest and ongoing role as a Champion for Canada’s 15.3 million people, aged 45 plus. In the 1970s, long before Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, Moses...

Why This Collection?

Many answers have been given to the question "Why do people collect?" Too many for comfort suggest neuroses of various kinds. Collectors do it because they feel alienated from the real world and must create one of their own. They do it to be godlike and controlling. They do it out of pride or jealousy, or to keep objects...

MZTV Museum of Television
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